The following resources are available to assist members to develop a successful online service:

You can now apply for a Certificate in Online DR – CODR. The specialization will be added to your public facing profile which tells the public that you offer services through online technology and have met the requirements set out by FDRIO.

The application process for the CODR includes the two steps below. Once you have met these requirements, you can apply for the certificate by sending an email to fdrp@fdrio.ca confirming you meet the requirements.

The requirements for the CODR are not verified and FDRIO is relying on members accurately self-reporting their ability to offer dispute resolution services online.

STEP 1: Confirm you attended the Zoom training webinar or have watched the Zoom Training webinar accessed in the webinar archive through your member profile

STEP 2: Review the basic requirements to ensure that you have modified your services to meet each requirement.

To apply, send an email to fdrp@fdrio.ca and confirm you have met the stated requirements.



  1. You conducted at least 5 online meetings with a client or clients.
  2. You have completed at least 5 hours of training on online dispute resolution.
  3. You have made appropriate changes to your intake form and process to accommodate online meetings.
  4. You have made changes by way of addendum or additional clauses to your Services Agreement for the use of technology
  5. You have developed or adopted a set of best practices for conducting online dispute resolution processes and you consistently follow them.
  6. You are familiar and comfortable with the technology platform(s) you use to host the meetings.
  7. You have appropriate security in place for your electronic communications, devices, Wi-Fi and back-ups.
  8. Your screening process for power imbalances including family violence has been developed to assess the unique factors associated with online dispute resolution, and your protocols are consistent with the Best Practices for Online Screening
  9. You have reviewed and if needed, updated your Process confidentiality clauses to account for the use of technology.
  10. You have developed your process to account for the heightened circumstances around such things as COVID-19 and isolation.
  11. You have appropriate, secure and client-friendly payment options.
  12. You have an understanding of and process for managing power imbalances and abuse related to the use of technology.
  13. You have a back-up process if the technology fails during a meeting.
  14. You have a documented process for accepting signatures.
  15. You have a process to confirm the identity of a client.
  16. You are prepared to decline a case if online resolution is not appropriate in the circumstances and to support the clients in a referral to more appropriate options.
  17. You are aware of the available and accessible supportive mental health, legal, family violence, drug and alcohol addiction, and other services that might be required by your clients.