Monday November 20, 2023 marks the end of my 2-year term as chair of FDRIO.

I want to start today by thanking all the directors I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and the members I’ve had the pleasure of working for. 

FDRIO’s vision is To Promote and Improve Family Dispute Resolution. Although it may sound simple, it’s quite complex. It’s dependent on the alignment and strength of the organization, its members, and its directors. 

FDRIO’s values include collaboration, diversity, leadership, advancement, and accountability.

The fact that I had this opportunity to be the Chair is a testament to FDRIO’s focus on offering opportunities and benefits to members, growing the FDR field, and to hearing new voices. 

I was excited to welcome your new Chair, Jennifer Daudlin at the AGM. The transition of Chair provides the organization with new perspectives, renewed enthusiasm, and a realignment in direction. I have no doubt that with Jennifer’s leadership FDRIO will continue to evolve and meet its strategic objectives.    

To better understand our commitment, I want to share FDRIO’s Mission with you, To EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, and ELEVATE the field of Family Dispute Resolution and the professionals working within it. FDRIO’s new Chair Jennifer Daudlin will have more on that in the coming months.

Before I move on to my supporting role as past Chair, I want to share a few thoughts about making our community stronger. I firmly believe that:

One – All FDR professionals have value and belong in our community. 

Our community includes lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, parenting coordinators, financial professionals, coaches and more. No one profession is more or less than the other. We are all needed, and my wish is for us to be more collaborative and less siloed. 

Two – Our community needs to be diverse and inclusive, in every way.

Three – Our community needs to advocate for and create awareness of FDR for the public. 

My ask is for each of you to do your part in breaking down the silos, in starting conversations, and join FDRIO in growing Family Dispute Resolution in Ontario.

Thank you for this opportunity and for your support and patience over the last 2 years.