Committees and Sections

The work of FDRIO is largely done at the committee level. The Committees and Sections work to support members in each practice area, provide space for collaboration and consultation and to actively advance FDR in their respective areas

Committee membership is open to all members and we encourage you to get involved.

You can find contact information for the chairs on the membership directory.



Governance: Lorne Wolfson and Neil Maisel

Finance: Akbar Ebrahim

Sponsorship: Lorne Wolfson & Cheryl Goldhart

Complaints: Jennifer Daudlin & Cheryl Goldhart

Membership: Natalie Derbyshire

Training & Professional Development: Matilda Kissi

Advocacy and Law Reform: Julie Gill & Jennifer Daudlin

Diversity and Inclusion: Natalie Derbyshire

Conference 2023: Jennifer Daudlin & Rachel Healey


Sections (click on a section to visit that page or click on a name to email them directly)

Mediation: Julie Gill & Christine Dwivedi

Arbitration: Judith Nicoll & Clayton Spencer

Parenting Coordination: Elizabeth Hyde & Jared Norton & Stephanie Kuiack 

Financial: Neil Maisel & Julie Gill

Elder and Estates: Ian Hull & Nick Esterbauer

Family Violence: Natalie Derbyshire & Clayton Spencer

QFAS: Kayla Stephenson

Webinars: Nick Esterbauer & Matt Krockchick