Roster for Qualified Family Arbitration Screeners

The work of a committee of family arbitrators has led to the province’s first set of standards and forms for screening for family arbitrators, while creating new opportunities for qualified screening professionals. The Roster, the first of its kind in Ontario, is an important enhancement to ensuring that Arbitrators in Ontario have access to qualified screeners and a comprehensive report to inform the arbitration process.

Certificate in Online DR - CODR

FDRIO is continuing to support our members moving to provide online dispute resolution services, both for professionals who have been using online technology and those new to this service option. Members can now apply for a certificate in online dispute resolution. The aim is to provide members with the supports they need to establish a service for online dispute resolution.

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For Family Mediators:

Our FDRP Med is fully recognized by Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General for court connected mediation services. And we offer a community of professionals in all areas in which you may wish to build your practice. And your training towards the FDRP Med will take you part way to your other designations, the benefits of your FDRP Med are clear.


For Family Arbitrators:

Our FDRP Arb is Ontario’s leading family arbitration designation. Join our community of industry leaders to be confident that your standards of practice are current; learn from experts with years of experience; and network with leading professionals from diverse fields to build your arbitration reputation and practice.


For Parenting Coordinators:

Our FDRP is the only professional designation serving Ontario Parenting Coordinators. As this challenging field grows and work opportunities increase, gain confidence and security from knowing your professional designation carries respect and integrity.