The Crowe Soberman Award

In 2016, Crowe Soberman LLP established the Crowe Soberman Award awarded annually at the FDRIO AGM in November to a professional that works in family dispute resolution:

Contribution to the Field of FDR
Mentoring other professionals, teaching, professional writing and projects that enhance the field of family dispute resolution.

Advocacy for Innovation and Systemic Change in FDR
Demonstrated leadership, vision, and creativity in improving access to justice for
resolving family conflicts. Recipients may be involved in practice or legislative reform, a special event, unique project, research, public education, teaching, writing or professional practice.

Support of Vulnerable Clients
A significant contribution to ensuring safety and equity for vulnerable family members through research, teaching, advocacy, or professional leadership.


Nominations are open for the 2024 Crowe Soberman Award. Please make your nomination by August 15, 2024 by using the form below:

* Please explain how the person you are nominating meets the criteria for the Crowe Soberman award

Past Crowe Soberman Award Recipients

2016     Chris Bentley

2017     Dr. Barbara Fidler

2018     Thomas Dart

2019     Dr. Rachel Birnbaum

2020     Hilary Linton

2021     Lorne Wolfson

2022    Antoinette Clarke

2023 Award Recipient

At the 2023 Annual Conference, Delving Deeper we honoured the Honourable Madame Gertrude F. Speigel for her dedication and significant contribution to family dispute resolution.

Justice Gertrude F. Speigel