DDRIOC & FDRIO Joint Statement

Both Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, (FDRIO) and Diverse Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, (DDRIOC) are non-profit organizations offering access to justice through non-court based alternate dispute resolution (ADR) initiatives.

DDRIOC’s mission is to increase diversity in the ADR profession. FDRIO acknowledges that the Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) community does not truly reflect the Canadian demographic and that many communities are currently underrepresented.

Providing FDR services by highly qualified diverse professionals with extensive training in cultural competence, awareness and understanding is a priority for both organizations.

FDRIO and DDRIOC support each other in their mission to increase public access to experienced professionals including mediators and arbitrators who are representative of Ontario’s diverse population.

FDRIO and DDRIOC believe in meaningful partnerships with organizations and communities that help build a healthy culture for dispute resolution.

We are proud to support each other in our common vision to support the growth of a diverse ADR community, with inclusive structures and representation of diverse communities.

The Diversified Dispute Resolution Institution of Canada (DDRIOC) is a national non-profit organization centered on breaking the boundaries of justice by expanding access to alternative dispute resolution, DDRIOC opens the door of opportunity for practitioners and service users. DDRIOC offers a platform for education and training in dispute resolution and cultural competence for those who wish to serve as ADR professionals.

They also provide a roster of diverse mediators and arbitrators from different cultures and practice areas to ensure proper representation of the Canadian population.

The Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO) is the leading family dispute resolution organization in Ontario and continues to advance all areas of FDR. FDRIO is the only organization in Ontario that provides certification, networking and advocacy for family mediators, family arbitrators, parenting coordinators as well as family separation financial professionals and family and estate valuators.