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Grants of Permission

• I grant non-exclusive right to the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (“FDRIO”), to record, transcribe, duplicate and distribute my presentation (“the presentation”), in all media to event registrants should they experience technological issues for two weeks following the live event

• I also grant permission to FDRIO to reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast the written materials I have submitted in connection with the presentation, including all accompanying power-point presentations (the “materials”) and the presentation, in whole or in part, in any media.

• I grant permission to FDRIO to edit the formatting of the presentation and/or the materials if necessary, provided that care is taken to preserve their meaning.

• I also grant to FDRIO the right to use my name and voice, biography, videotaped image and photograph, in connection with the presentation and the materials, and for related promotional purposes.

• I understand that the above-noted activities of FDRIO may be carried out by them alone, or by subcontract or joint venture with other legal and professional organizations or entities.

• I retain copyright in the presentation and the materials. I warrant that the presentation and the materials are original, that their publication will not infringe the intellectual property rights of others, and that they are not libellous and do not breach any confidence.