Practicum – Mediation


Since 2019, FDRIO has offered this intensive program including lectures, coaching, observation and supervision of ‘real’ mediated cases for mediators-in-training who are working toward collecting the 100 practical hours required for certification.

The FDRIO Practicum – Mediation, is an evaluative simulated practical experience program with supervision of a roster of experienced senior mediators – both parenting and financial.



The new program is structured in two parts and provide participants with a minimum of 16 hours and up to 56 hours of practical experience.

This approach provides participants with continuous availability of training while providing scheduling and fee payment flexibility.

Registrants are required to complete Part 1 before registering for consecutive coaching days.

Pre-requisites: All mediation course required for certification must be completed to be accepted into this program.


Module 1: Introduction, Screening and Mediation Practical  $400

Two days to include instruction, demonstrations and participation in coached screening and mediation sessions.

Part 1 is provided a minimum 3 times a year in February, May and October.




Module 2: Coached Practical Experience Days  $150 per day

Each practical day is a standalone training day and counts as 8 hours of practicum time contributing to the 100 practical experience hours required for certification.

Registrants can take up to 5 days – a total of 40 hours.

Some of the days are focused on financial mediation.

Previous Practicum participants can accumulate a further 16 hours by registering for 2 coaching days under this new program.


2022 Schedule

Confirm your scheduled days via email to info@fdrio.ca

Part 1 – Email ED_FDRIO@FDRIO.CA for upcoming dates.

Part 2 – Registration open

Note: min 4 people registered required to run a course day

Dates are To Be Confirmed.

What fdrio practicum participants are saying

“The coaches were excellent! Rotating between  different coaches with different styles was really helpful.”

“This course was excellent. I feel so much more confident now.”

“Excellent course! I learned so much in this course that I didn’t understand from the training courses. Everyone should take this course!”