Parenting Coordinators help former spouses settle post-divorce parenting disputes. Most parents think they’re done by the time they’ve finalized the terms of the settlement with respect to custody, access, child support, and property division. But while they’re immersed in the details of getting to a final divorce settlement, they sometimes forget that there will continue to be new parenting issues that will need resolving.

That’s where Parenting Coordinators come in. Parenting Coordinators are appointed jointly by the parents and use a variety of dispute resolution methods to prevent and resolve disagreements over issues such as school choices, vacation plans, after-school activities, birthday parties, and others child-related topics.  

Here are the top 5 reasons for divorced parents to appoint a Parenting Coordinator:

Reason #1: Safety Net

The simple knowledge that divorced parents have someone available to manage and resolve issues if and when they come up is tremendously valuable. It’s like insurance.  You may never use it but it gives you peace of mind to know you have it in place just in case. 

Reason #2: Parenting Education 

The role of a Parenting Coordinator is not only to help parents resolve issues, but also to train them on how they can overcome future problems. A Parenting Coordinator’s role is to help each parent communicate with the other, to understand the problem, and reframe it in terms of a solution.

Reason #3: All-In-One Model

Parenting Coordinators are a parenting counsellor, a parenting educator, a parenting mediator and a parenting arbitrator – all rolled into one. They help parents be child-focused, listen better, communicate effectively and reach agreement on their own. If the parents can’t reach consensus on an issue that requires a decision, the Parenting Coordinator can be the tie-breaker.  Both parents will have the opportunity to present their evidence and the Parenting Coordinator will render an arbitration award to put the dispute to rest.   

Reason #4: Speedy Service

Without the benefit of a Parenting Coordinator, former spouses may be forced to resort to litigation and all its associated complexity and cost.  It’s much better to nip things in the bud early by calling on the Parenting Coordinator, who is ready, willing and able to help solve the problem.  Parenting problems can start small, but the longer they remain unresolved, the bigger they get. A Parenting Coordinator eliminates that delay, lowers the cost and gets to a solution faster than any alternative.  

Reason #5: Low Cost

Unlike litigation when each parent pays each lawyer (two lawyers altogether, maybe three if the children need a lawyer) an hourly rate to discuss the problem, prepare letters or court documents, attend court and wait for hours, days and sometimes months for a judge’s decision, the Parenting Coordinator is one single professional paid by both parents.  Using a Parenting Coordinator is much less costly than paying lawyers for all the hours needed to reach the judge.  The cost savings using this method is immense.  

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