A message from Julie Gill, our Chair of FDRIO.

A message from Julie Gill, our Chair of FDRIO.

As the Chair of FDRIO, I have the pleasure of wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

At FDRIO, we know that FDR is more than any one of the disciplines alone. It includes mediation, mediation-arbitration, arbitration, parenting coordination, coaching, as well as financial and legal support. Not only working together but learning from and being inspired by our peers and colleagues elevates us all.
In 2021 I shared that my goals as Chair were to develop and grow relationships, to be an advocate for activities that support FDR and to advance what FDRIO’s founding members started. Going into my second year, my goals haven’t changed.
I take comfort in knowing that we are on the right track when I look at the caliber of professionals who have joined FDRIO’s leadership over the years and the interest we continue to get.

In November, we had three board members whose term was up, and while they remain FDRIO family members, they have stepped down from their director positions. I want to thank and recognize the efforts of Avagene Skervin, Mary Lee and Lorne Wolfson.

We also welcomed four new board members at our AGM. Please help me congratulate directors Kayla Stephenson, Matilda Kissi, Natalie Derbyshire, and Geoff Carpenter.

The contributions from every board member are simply outstanding. Please take a minute to look at the full list of impressive directors who chose FDRIO to volunteer their time, share their expertise and lend a hand to grow FDR. https://fdrio.ca/about-us/our-board/

Like our clients managing loss and facing a transition, FDRIO is going into unknown territory. In December, we wished farewell to FDRIO’s operational team, Tricia James-Wong and Laura Bradford. These individuals’ knowledge, support, and personalities will leave a gap.

As FDRIO goes through this transition, we’ll continue to build on our past successes and create new ones. Robert Rock will support us as the interim operations consultant and the incoming 2022-2023 Board.

I look forward to working together to strengthen what we have and take advantage of opportunities to evolve and expand FDR and FDRIO.

I believe that you have to love what you do and be passionate about it. Those involved in FDRIO, at every level, understand and model that.

As the proud Chair of FDRIO, I will once again invite you to:

  • Become certified to show your standards and leadership to the public and other professionals.
  • Get involved, create awareness, network, and build others up.
  • Participate in our webinars and our annual conferences.
  • Join a section or committee.
  • Put your best foot forward by updating your member profile.
  • Keep up to date by checking in at www.FDRIO.ca regularly.
  • Contact me with any questions or ideas you have.
  • Grow with us and become part of all that FDRIO is!

Happy New Year! Here’s to feeling thankful for the year behind and enthusiastic for the year ahead.